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Dried Apple Twigs with Leaves
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Dried Apple Twigs with Leaves
Item Id:NN-APLT-2
The fibrous leaves and twigs of apple trees can be part of a rabbit's regular diet or given as a tasty treat. They love to nibble off the bark and leaves and then munch away on the inner core. 

Apple tree twigs provide good roughage which reduces the danger of hairballs and blockages.

No pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers are ever used.

Weight: 2 oz (Fills a paper bag #6)

Due to customs regulations we can only ship this item within the US, Canada and UK. Please inquire for any other country.

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2 Paws up!!
Both buns LOVE these! They seem to so far LOVE all of your products!!
Reviewed by: Jennifer from Joliet, IL. on 2/4/2014
I have apple addicts
I can't even open the paper bag completely before all my bunnies are nudging my ankles and looking for apple leaves and twigs. They LOVE these. I never seem to buy enough!
Reviewed by: Jennifer from Connecticut. on 1/27/2014
good fun treat
My 3 bunnies and chinchilla all found these to be a fun snack that they could carry around and then munch on
Reviewed by: Amanda from Rochester, NH. on 7/27/2013
A big hit!
I was so excited to get these for my bun, Rocky, and I wasn't disappointed! He LOVES them. I had previously purchased apple twigs from a pet store, which he had no interest in, but he gets so excited and devours the leaves off these in seconds. :) Rocky says thank you for a great product!
Reviewed by: Jessica from Canada. on 3/22/2013
Great for guinea pigs too!
My rabbit loves these so much and our gp's also scarf them down! Thanks for another great product!
Reviewed by: Dayna Yalowicki from Bothell, Wa. on 12/14/2012
Yes, I'll have another, thanks!
I have never liked apple twigs before I tried these. I loved the leaves and then discovered how nice it is to chew the twig, too. I like the skinny twigs best.
Reviewed by: Newt from Florida. on 11/6/2012
Went Fast!
As soon as my rabbits got ahold of these they ate the leaves off as soon as possible. The sticks stayed around a little bit longer. But, they were soon gone as well. I guess you can figure it out they loved them. (All of my rabbits loved them a baby FrenchLop/Netherland Dwarf, a French Lop, a Dutch/Lionhead, a Netherland Dwarf, and a Dwarf.)
Reviewed by: Heather Chalkley from Winter Springs, FL. on 8/9/2012
Great treat, Good for teeth!
My rabbits are always weird when they get something new.They smell it suspiciously & rub their chins on it it.It can be a week until they go near a new treat.So don't give up ,keep trying!They love these!A great natural treat,eating the branches helps to wear down teeth.They pick it up & fling it after they have torn the leaves off.I will be buying this regularly.
Reviewed by: Eliza from California. on 5/9/2012
Two paws paws up!
Duchess loves these, I got her first bag and at first she ignored them (There were bunny bites to be had!) but as soon as I left some in her area she immediately started nommin' away at them! I will definitely be ordering these again!
Reviewed by: Duchess's Slave from Somewhere in Louisiana. on 2/26/2012
Peaches really loves thes twigs and leaves!
Reviewed by: Peaches from Salida. on 2/23/2012
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